Magpie Hoard

New Website!

I hadn't updated my old website in years, it was kind of embarrassing, and in any case it never got migrated across when I moved servers.

So. New website. This one is based on Gatsby rather than Jekyll, not because I'm the kind of person who's all "Javascript Uber Alles", but because Gatsby is closer to what I would create if left to my own devices than Jekyll is... and it supports MDX, which likewise.

On the other hand, the blog template suggested by Gatsby is not so to my taste. If you're reading this, I've corrected that, though. Everything directly in /, for instance, rubs me the wrong way (perhaps because Mediawiki and Wordpress, the first CMS-ish tools I ever used, avoid this). The theme's not my speed either, seeing as my taste was formed largely in the mid-2000s, which means dense, colourful, ornate designs. Windows Live and original flavour Google Reader, not Metro and Material.

Which is going to be fun, but it'll stretch my artistic chops, so what the heck.

Last build: 2020-12-13